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Delays in storm damage repairs can escalate concerns

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Insurance Bad Faith

Homeowners in Texas pay for property insurance in part because mortgage companies require it. If there is substantial damage to the property, the insurance policy helps protect the investments of both the owner and the mortgage company. Even those who own their homes outright pay for homeowner’s insurance policies to protect themselves from liability and reduce the risk of storm damage making their home unsafe to inhabit.

After a big storm causes damage to the roof, the siding or the windows at a home, an insurance claim is likely to follow. Property owners often rely on insurance compensation to pay for necessary repairs. Homeowner’s insurance policies can cover various types of storm damage. In some cases, homeowners may also be eligible for benefits that cover alternate living arrangements until their home is safe to inhabit again.

Insurance companies operating in Texas should respond to claims quickly and pay them out promptly. Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves struggling with delayed claims. Those delays can cause additional expenses.

Damage can worsen without timely repairs

When a storm damages the exterior of the home, the interior spaces are vulnerable. The interior structure and any furnishings inside the residence could be at risk of damage even if they survived the initial storm.

For example, damage that allows water to enter the edifice could lead to mold growth. Mold could develop on the walls and furniture within the home, damaging the property further. In some cases, it could also trigger allergic reactions that cause medical issues for the people living there. Water incursion worsened by delayed repairs could also potentially lead to structural issues and cosmetic issues that cost far more than the initial damage to repair.

When an insurance company does not respond in a timely manner to claims by policyholders, people may need help pushing for appropriate assistance. A decision to delay the response to a claim or to pay and approved claim is often an example of bad faith insurance practices. Having the right support when dealing with a homeowner’s insurance claim or bad faith insurance practices can help homeowners get the compensation they need and deserve.